JF4S Oman Solar Forum @ Oman Energy & Water Exhibition – Muscat | Oman

Event Details

Session 1:      Solar Energy Market Update & Outlook in the Sultanate of Oman

09:00am-09:15am Conference Opening: Setting the Scene for Sustainable Solar Market Development in Oman

Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO, Joint Forces for Solar

Government Representative

09:15am-09:45am Keynote Presentation | Creating a Bright Solar Energy Market in Oman: Short-term Benefits and Future Energy Scenarios

·         Renewable energy targets in Oman – Policy outlook

·         Understanding the tendering process

·         A review of the electricity market, renewable energy market and related organizations

09:45am-10:15am Keynote Presentation | Assessment of the Industry’s Future Roadmap: Latest Policy Developments & Business Opportunities in the Omani Solar Market

·         Strategy and policies needed to create a sustainable solar market in Oman

·         New business opportunities in the residential and small commercial segements from a regulatory point of view

10:15am-10:45am Unlocking the Full Potential of Solar Energy in Oman – Steps Needed to Achieve the RE Goals

·         What are the legal challenges for local and foreign companies in Oman?

·         Guidelines on how to structure renewable energy projects

10:45am- 11:00am Networking Coffee Break


Session 2: Critical Factors to Maintain Sustainable Solar Market Growth in the Middle East and Oman in Particular

11:00am-11:20am Holistic Approach: Solar Energy Market Status and Perspectives in MENA Region

·         From the very beginning: A look back since the start in order to understand some of the key factors behind solar success in the Middle East

·         Shedding light on the specific market trends that will arise over the next decade






The Regional Specifics of the Omani Solar Market: Where is Untapped Potential and How Can it be Leveraged?    

·         Technical and administrative requirements to connect a Solar PV to the distribution system

·         Steps to simplify the connection of Solar PV to the distribution network





Executive Roundtable Discussion: Synchronizing Domestic & International Efforts to Fuel Solar Market Growth in Oman

·         Smooth market take-off: Best practices from other renewable energy programs

·         Successful strategies to promote solar energy in the Sultanate – Highlighting the local and international view

·         How to enter the solar market in Oman? Basics of a successful market entry for international players


12:30pm- 1:00pm Networking Coffee Break


Session 3: Understanding the Fundamentals for Successful Solar Market Take-off – Solar Project Best Practices – Winning Strategies to Successfully Compete in the Marketplace

1:00pm-1:20pm Domestic Best Practice – From Conception to Implementation: Essentials for Securing Project Success

·         Real-world field experiences and insights by key stakeholders

·         Harvesting the sun: Gained field experience and lessons learned





The International Perspective: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Global Markets

·         International best practice case studies from a solar market leader

·         Global experiences in institutional and private financing of renewables

·         Key issues: Regional specifics, logistical challenges and maintenance


1:40pm- 2:00pm Technological Advancements in the Market: How to Maximize Projrct ROI?

·         Review of technologies available in the marketplace incl. solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, trackers and balance of system components

·         What fits best in the Middle East and Oman in particular?

·         Latest key insights into successful solar operations, maintenance and asset management


2:00pm-2:30pm 360° Review of Solar Market Requirements to Create a Vibrant Industry in Oman

·         Experiences, lessons learned and best practice examples by an Omani solar champion

·         Industry perspective on upcoming opportunities in the utility scale, commercial and small-scale segments

·         Critical evaluation of lessons learned – SWOT analysis of the market status


2:30pm- 4:00pm Business Lunch & Networking
4:00pm Conference Closing