The Joint Forces for Solar work closely with initiator EUPD Research, a B2B specialist for international market research and consulting in the solar and storage domain.

Over the last 20years, EUPD Research has been at the forefront of conducting market research and consulting projects in the solar and storage domains across geographies. With a global team, we offer exclusive market research and consulting services, shared services, multi-client reports and certifications to our customers globally including private & public entities, governmental and semi-governmental organizations.

Over the last few years the global solar PV industry has evolved rapidly. Due to the reduced costs of solar PV and its increased competitiveness against other forms of energy, solar PV is well positioned to become one of the major sources of energy in the years to come.

Today, more than 70+ country markets globally are using solar power to fulfill their electricity requirements and the number of countries adopting this clean source of energy will only increase in the future. Consequently, in order to understand and be successful in these markets, it is important to monitor them continuously and enter new emerging markets at the right time to grow your business as solar PV diffusion process strengthens.

  • GET Matrix is an online tool which can be accessed 365 days a year to gain insights into the latest developments in 60+ global LCOE ready PV markets and 12+ major European storage markets
  • The tool tracks key parameters in these country markets including solar PV installations (achieved and projected), electricity market dynamics, electricity prices, solar PV tenders, political and regulatory mechanisms, major downstream stakeholders in the country markets, economical conditions and top solar related news
  • The tool is accessible to users on a yearly subscription based model and is updated on a continuous basis by EUPD Research analysts for ready reference





GET Matrix is designed to assist subscribers, monitor and update their know-how about the ever changing solar market dynamics and serve as a basis for them to develop strategies to enter new emerging markets and strengthen market position in existing geographies.

Solar PV is rapidly being deployed globally and the uptake in the solar PV market in the MENA region has been exciting in recent years. Furthermore, it is slated to increase even more incoming years.

  • The Middle East & North Africa PV Market Matrix is an online tool which provides insights in to different MENA markets. The tool will be available to our customers on a yearly subscription based model. EuPD Research will update the tool on a regular basis to keep its subscribers a breast with the latest developments in the PV markets in the MENA region
  • The MENA PV Market Matrix tracks several parameters on the economic, political, regulatory, energy / electricity, solar PV readiness and Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOEs) of solar to identify the most compelling and lucrative PV markets in the region
  • The information provided in the MENA PV Market Matrix will assist you in monitoring the dynamically changing environment of the PV markets and enter these new emerging markets at the right time with your product portfolio.

For more information get on touch with MENA market expert Parag Bhamre from EUPD Research »

With a global team, we offer exclusive market research and consulting services to meet our customers’ demands. We tailor market entry strategies for our clientele helping them understand the market dynamics of the industry and amongst other things adapt sales approach and marketing strategies.
For this we analyze different regions and create market models to show which countries offer highest potential. We display the status quo, provide market forecasts, analyze the country markets in detail and review existing competition in the market.

In addition we depict market specific drivers, create economic calculations and analyze business models.

Based on our experience, in the industry we support in defining strategies in co-operation with our customers and help them implement the necessary steps to secure success.


Let us know our team can assist your business and we will connect you to leading market experts.


If you are interested in becoming part of Joint Forces for Solar, please feel free to contact us.

Daniel Fuchs – Director Global Marketing & Event Management

+ 49 228 97143-45

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