Become a JF4S Installer

Become a JF4S Installer

  • Joint Forces for Solar views the role played by installers and contractors as crucial to the sustainable success of the solar industry. You are the direct line of contact to the end-customer and receive immediate feedback on what satisfies customers and where there is room for improvement.

    As a local knowledge holder, you see the impact of the strategies implemented by major corporations. Let them know what they can do to improve the business on a grass roots level. Do you think they should advertise more, offer more innovative solutions or provide better after-sales services?

  • JF4S provides a setting where you can voice your opinion right up to the top level decision makers of the products in your portfolio.

    As competition increases and the number of products on offer becomes more diverse, we can equip your company with the facts and figures as well as network necessary to ensure your sustainable success.

Shape your solar future

    1. Participate and benefit from having the market intelligence and contacts needed to grow your business using strategies founded on first rate market knowledge and expertise.
    2. By joining JF4S you gain access to suppliers, producers and fellow installers who can assist you in building your business and widening your distribution channels.
    3. Learn about the impact of various global trends and how they have affected local markets.
    4. You will also receive your personal Joint Forces for Solar Seal which can be used in your marketing campaigns.
    5. We come to you – Visit our local roadshow events to ensure maximum exposure for your business and explore new business ideas with industry stakeholders. Use the chance to actively share your opinion on what is needed on a local level to sustain development in the solar industry.



  • Becoming a member enables you to grow your own business and accelerate the development of your region.

    Following registration, you gain access to a number of exclusive data sources. This includes white papers, presentations, news summaries and more! We give you the facts and figures necessary to generate new business opportunities.

    Make your free subscription today and become part of our strong global network. For further information please contact Daniel Fuchs.