What We Do

Tools to meet market needs and create values

The initiative combines three main tools which address market needs and create sustainable values:

  • Information and data-based arguments
  • Public relations and PV promotion
  • Networking

Information and data-based arguments

Information is the key success factor for creating transparency, awareness and investment security. In order to step up investments in PV, market participants need easy access to information. Data-based arguments allow for governmental support and optimize business (entry) strategies.

    • Educate the public about PV
    • Deliver best practice examples and case studies that assist PV professionals in developing their individual strategies, partnerships and beat day to day challenges
    • Inform the photovoltaic community about changing dynamics and technologies in the photovoltaic industry
    • Establish an effective dialogue with important stakeholders and increase investment security with arguments backed by reliable data

Public relations and PV promotion

Gathered information and data-based arguments are ideal to promote and communicate the benefits of PV technologies. Hence, it increases transparency and awareness, and fosters governmental support:

    • Initiate positive media reporting about solar energy, participating companies and associations
    • Support an effective dialogue with representatives on different government levels and provide them with reliable data to advance the cause of solar energy generation via an incentive model
    • Create a sustainable market development, framework and investment climate by increasing visibility and acceptance


The initiative fosters business relations and creates an infrastructure:

  • Unite key players along the value chain from producer to installer
    and finally to consumer in order to better meet the needs of the PV
    community by maximizing potential opportunities in the industry
  • Learn from best practice how to deal with daily challenges